McGowan Brothers Development

Developing Downtown St. Louis

McGowan Brothers Development Corporation purchases historic buildings in downtown St. Louis and refurbishes these buildings into mixed use projects.  Our typical project includes loft apartments above several floors of commercial and retail space.  MBD strives to create density in the city by attracting large commercial tenants to downtown Saint Louis, and providing them wonderful spaces at inexpensive rates.  MBD has been successful in moving thousands of employees to downtown St. Louis by working with larger civic minded companies to build out new space for those interested in moving to Downtown STL, while cutting their lease expense.   Above these commercial spaces MBD typically constructs new city loft apartments all throughout downtown Saint Louis, creating over 500 for new residents of St. Louis from 2003 to 2010. 

Each member of MBD is dedicated to the urban revitalization of downtown Saint Louis. We are committed to molding the downtown loft district and surrounding areas into a modern neighborhood where people work, live, shop, dine and play.  McGowan Brothers Development Corp. will only recognize success when downtown St. Louis is a thriving community where everyone who lives, works, or visits can share in its rewards.