About McGowan Brothers Development

McGowan Brothers Development Corp. (MBD) began as a family owned business in the spring of 1997.  It was then that we acquired our first property located at 1221 Washington Avenue. With a pioneering spirit, determination, and little more than a dream, MBD began establishing itself as one of the premier development companies in Saint Louis by redeveloping a large part of the Washington Avenue Loft District.

MBD realized in order for the Loft District to truly mature it was necessary to acquire a significant number of properties and, over time, we did. It was also necessary to bring other developers to the area to join in the renovation, and we did. MBD has refurbished more than ten turn of the century warehouse buildings in downtown St. Louis.  MBD has also grown and expanded our company’s interests into not only development, but management as well. The members of MB Development now view developing a property in four separate, but equally phases: acquiring, rehabilitating, managing, and leasing the individual units.

MBD's commitment to building a thriving urban community and its commitment to quality has helped springboard the Washington Avenue Loft District to an electrifying renaissance. Today, MBD projects include lofts for sale or lease, for residential and/or commercial use, as well as many retail projects in the Loft District.  MBD continues to develop residential and commercial spaces in downtown St. Louis, and can see the the great future that St. Louis holds.   We promise to contininue to give our best effort to responsibly grow and manage such a dynamic downtown urban core.